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Is a past misdemeanor or felony conviction preventing you from obtaining the employment or your dream job? A person’s criminal record can affect all parts of their life even after they have successfully completed any penalty for the conviction.

Fortunately, a criminal record and conviction in Indiana can be erased or in legal terms be “expunged” under certain circumstances. The procedure for expunging records requires an attorney experienced with the process.

Once a criminal conviction in Indiana has been expunged, a person can legally state that they have not been convicted of the expunged conviction. Employers are prohibited from asking about expunged convictions in Indiana.

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What can the general public, your children, family and future employers see?

Click on the links below which will take you to Indiana Court public records available to anyone with internet access. These records will be expunged in addition to other records preventing the public from having access to your past.

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