Personal Injury

Indiana Personal Injury Law Firm

If you have been injured, you may be entitled to significant damages. Insurance companies will do their best to try to convince you to settle for pennies on the dollar for your injuries and to settle fast hoping you make a wrong decision by proceeding without a qualified attorney. In most circumstances, you will not know the true extent of your injuries for a minimum of six months and sometimes longer after being injured.

An Experienced Attorney Will Evaluate Your Injury Claim

When you call Walter Hagedorn, you will speak with an experienced attorney that will evaluate your injury claim. Many law firm attorneys will require you to speak with a non-lawyer legal assistant prior to being able to speak with an attorney. You deserve to immediately speak with an experienced attorney to evaluate your injury claim.

Walter Hagedorn has been representing injured individuals in Indiana and other states since 2003. Mr. Hagedorn will give you a free consultation to evaluate your injury claim. There will only be a fee in the event of a monetary recovery.

Walter Hagedorn Law Will Represent You Personally

Unlike some firms, Walter Hagedorn Law will represent you personally and not rely on other law firms to do the legal work. Walter Hagedorn will work with you during the entire process not only to maximize your recovery and protect your future.

Personal injuries include, but are not limited to injuries sustained in automobiles and other vehicles, motorcycle, big truck, and ATV and 4-wheeler accidents; animal injuries; slip and fall injuries; assaults; defective products; and other situations where people are injured due to other individuals or companies’ negligence.

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Big Truck Accidents

  • ATV and 4-Wheeler Accidents

  • Animal Injuries

  • Slip & Fall Injuries

  • Assults

  • Injuries Due To Other Individuals or Companies Negligence